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Ah... Amaterasu. Origin of all that is good and mother to us all...
For too long, I, Kazegami, god of wind, have walked a shadowed path.

At last, light shines upon me. Use my power to manipulate the wind!

Banish those who would seek to shroud this world in darkness!

((member of :iconokamirp-da:))

:icongale-stormplz: -Gale Storm
Kazegami smirked at the top of Gale Shrine, " what a bore~". Kazegami looked around, desperately trying to find something to do, then she spotted something familiar " hey, theres something~". Kazegami walked over and crouched down to pick up the object, it was a blue pin wheel from the village below, Kusa Village. She had once descended from her windmill at the top of Gale Shrine out of boredom, she was in Kazegami's human body (even though she finds it not as fast for her to be comfortable but she does not hate it) was very beautiful and she did not even have to ask the plump merchant that worked there for one, he simply haded it over to her. Kazegami smiled at the little pin wheel and blew on it to make it twirl, Kazegami smiled slightly at the twirling pin wheel, she had completely forgotten she had been bored, that is for now.

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So you're a genderbended Kaze? Cool!
He looked at Kazegami, wondering why she looked a lot like Amaterasu.
"You look like Amaterasu."
"Who are you..?"
Kazegami turned her attention to her strange visitor. It wasn't everyday someone visited Gale Shrine, especially someone that looked so demonic.
"Hm? Me?"
She flipped her long white hair to her other shoulder and put one hand gently on her chest.
"I am Kazegami, Bush God of the Gale storm."
(( Oh god, really late reply. oAo ))
With her gourd filled with alcohol under her arm, Kasugami staggers towards the celestial horse. "Hey, hey, hey! Look who it is! How've ya been, Kazegami~?"
Kazegami was fiddling with a pin wheel she had received from Kusa Village, she was sitting on the railing on top of the Windmill that towers Gale Shrine, the sight was very beautiful and the wind was exceedingly strong, Kazegami turned her head with a confused face, but It soon vanished as she realized who was speaking with her, " Kasugami? What are you doing up here!?" Kazegami was quite afraid of her closest friend among the other brush gods up so high completely drunk, knowing Kasugami's personality she would probably fall off the railing and smile all the way down, maybe even drink some sake.
Kasugami brings the gourd to her mouth and takes a big chug of sake."I am up here because you are~" </i> She walks unsteadily towards Kazegami with a small 'hiccup' and she rests an elbow on her head.</i> "Ya know..." hiccup "Your hair's really long... and soft...~" She strokes Kazegami's hair gently with her eyes closed. Her face was redder than the markings on a brush god's body. You could just tell that she was completely and utterly drunk
Kazegami looked at Kasugami like she needed help,

she probably does

"Y-your hairs soft too ya' know, now stop touching me," Kazegami crossed her arms and looked away, "I cant believe you would just waltz over here with noting better to do!" Kazegami's anger grew more and more until a windy aura came around her and forced back Kasugami a little ways away, She turned her head towards the drunken god, " you make me soooooo mad Kasugami! Cant you see I worry about you!?" Kazegami sighed and the aura disappeared, " geez, what a bother~" Kazegami rested her head on her palm and she looked out over the horizon, " hey......Kasugami......can I have some sake?" The wind god felt like a little alcohol, Unlike Kasugami, Kazegami could actually hold her liquor.
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